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The Business Information Skills Certificate (BISC) Research Guide is comprised of five modules, each devoted to a different business research topic. They have been mapped sequentially, in order of complexity, to core courses in the UNB Faculty of Management, as displayed in the below table. All five modules must be completed by graduation with a quiz score of 80% or higher as a requirement for ADM 4191 Professional Development or ADM 4192 Professional Skills.


Course Mapped Module
ADM 1165 Business Communication Research Basics for Business Students AND Advanced Research Strategies
ADM 2315 Marketing Management Industry and Market Research
ADM 2413 Principles of Finance Company Research
ADM 3155 Local and International Business Relations International Business

How to Complete

For each successful module, you will receive a digital badge, which is a reward for completing the module and signals achievement of competence in the subject. Once all five badges have been awarded, you will receive a certificate signed by the Deans of the Faculty of Management and UNB Libraries. This certificate is a microcredential that can be included on your CV to let future employers know that you have mastered the basics of business information research.

Not only will these critical skills help you with course-based assignments and projects, but they will provide an excellent foundation for when you graduate and enter the workplace, as strong business information research skills are in demand by future employers.

Self Checks and Quizzes

There are many self-check activities to test your knowledge scattered throughout the Research Guide. The required quizzes for each module are located in D2L and you should be registered for the course automatically. Remember: you must score at least an 80% to successfully complete the module. You will be able to retake the quiz as many times as needed.


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch: Jeannie Bail, Liaison Librarian, Faculty of Management and Renaissance College


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