UNB WorldCat Searching Using Boolean Operators

Leanne Wells

Boolean Operators: Quick Review

As UNB WorldCat is a database, like any database, it can be searched more precisely using Boolean operators. You’ll remember that we touched on Boolean operators in a previous section of this module (Searching Databases Using Boolean Logic).

Just to review, there are THREE Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) that must be entered using upper case (capital letters).

Using these operators allows Business students to craft a more precise search that connects your keywords. Essentially, these operators function like a bridge between your keywords or concepts. The following table gives an overview of how each operator functions in a database.

Table with the Boolean Operators: And, Or and Not, along with their Purposes and Examples in UNB WorldCat.
Table of Boolean Operators and their application in UNB WorldCat.

Keyword Searching

One strategy when searching UNB WorldCat is to use keywords or phrases. UNB WorldCat can find words or combinations of words anywhere in its catalogue records.  This can be useful if you only know a few words about your topic.

Please watch the following video which gives examples of connecting keywords using Boolean operators:




Once you are comfortable with your own search strategy, you can refine your search results further. In the examples shown in the video, you’ll notice that I am able to refine my results within WorldCat to specific types (formats) of materials (articles, books, videos etc.) or newer materials if I wish.

Mastering UNB WorldCat Searching

Mastering the techniques of searching databases like UNB WorldCat allows students to become more efficient and to pinpoint resources with more accuracy.

For more tips and tricks searching UNB WorldCat, select Tips for Searching circled below.


Screenshot of where to find Tips for Searching in UNB WorldCat.
Where to locate “Tips for Searching” UNB WorldCat.

Keep in mind that if you find an item in UNB WorldCat and discover that the full-text is unavailable, you can use our Document Delivery Service to request the material to be brought in from another library. Our Document Delivery Service is explained in the next section of this module.

In Module 2 (Advanced Research Strategies), we will revisit Boolean searching when we search a few Business research databases, as these databases also utilize Boolean operators.

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