PitchBook: Venture Capital and Private Equity Database

Sally Armstrong

Using PitchBook for Competitive Intelligence

PitchBook is a venture capital and private equity database that we subscribe to at UNB Libraries. It provides information on a wide variety of companies, including startups, and is a powerful tool for finding information on competitors. PitchBook tracks companies from mature and emerging industries, and it allows you to do a combined search for companies that operate in a mature industry but also fall within an emerging industry. For example, the search below is looking for companies in Canada that operate in the mature industry of financial services AND the emerging vertical of cryptocurrency/blockchain. There are 144 companies in the database that meet these criteria which gives a great starting point for locating competitors.

The above search is just one example of how you can use PitchBook in your research. You can also use PitchBook to find funding information, learn about who is investing in companies, read the research reports published by PitchBook, and even use the database to search for people in the industry to contact. You can access PitchBook here.

There are a few things to note about PitchBook:

  • You must create an account using your UNB email address

  • You can only download 10 rows of data to Excel each day with a maximum of 25 rows each month

  • You can download PDFs of company and investor profiles

Watch this video to learn more about searching in PitchBook:


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