Locating a Journal Title

Leanne Wells

Does the Library Have This Journal?

This is a question that library staff are often asked. UNB Libraries subscribes to over 90,000 journals in either print and/or electronic form.

If you know the title of the journal (magazine or newspaper) and you want to discover if UNB Libraries has access to it, there are two strategies you can use to find it.

Using Journals and Newspapers

The following video offers one approach to locate the journal using the Journals & Newspapers tab on our UNB Libraries’ website:

Using UNB WorldCat

Our UNB WorldCat catalogue can also be used to find a journal title. Simply go to the UNB Libraries website and type the journal title into the catalogue. For example, if you are looking for the Harvard Business Review, type in the title of the journal and select Journal Title from the drop down menu as displayed below.


Screenshot of a journal title search on Harvard Business Review in UNB WorldCat.
Search example to find a journal title in UNB WorldCat.

Your search will retrieve the catalogue record for Harvard Business Review as seen below:


Screenshot of the catalogue record for Harvard Business Review, which provides information on how to access and years of library holdings.
Catalog record for Harvard Business Review.

Select the Access Journal link you see in the catalogue record and you will be taken to our subscription for Harvard Business Review via Business Source Ultimate.

Need Help?

Having trouble locating a journal title? No problem! Contact us using Ask Usthe library’s online chat service (circled below). Students are always welcome to reach out to library staff and librarians for assistance.


Screenshot for the Ask Us reference service.
With Ask Us, dedicated library staff are available to help you…wherever you are!


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