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Leanne Wells


UNB Libraries subscribes to several high-quality business databases to help students discover a wealth of information about the company they are researching. They can help you discover whether the company is public, private, a subsidiary, or a parent. They can also tell you the location of its headquarters, detailed financial data for public companies, and much more. Access to these databases is free to current UNB students and faculty.

To undertake a comprehensive company analysis, students usually find they need to consult a combination of business databases.

Where can you find these subscribed business databases? Good question! UNB Libraries’ Key Resources by Subject guides students to the best tools and databases in your subject area.

Step 1

Access the UNB Libraries website

Step 2

Scroll down the page to Key Resources by Subject (as shown below). Select your field of study from the subjects listed. Business & Management students should select the Business & Management link (circled below).

Once you’re on the library’s Business & Management Guide (as you see below), if you know the database name you need, you can access UNB’s library-subscribed company databases by selecting any of the links such as those highlighted below.

On-Campus Access

When using your own device on the UNB campus, it may seem like you are accessing the library’s subscribed databases for free. While it may seem like they’re free, UNB pays substantial subscription fees for our faculty and students to have access. Our library system creates a seamless experience for you to access our many resources. Our resources automatically recognize your IP address and automatically connect you to the resource.

Off-Campus Access

When you’re away from campus, you will quickly realize that the online resources, which our libraries pay subscription fees to access, are only freely available to faculty and students, not the general public. This is why you will need to identify that you are a current UNB student when you are attempting to access library-subscribed resources.

When you first attempt to link to our subscribed resources from off-campus, you will see a UNB Login screen (as shown below) that requires you to identify yourself as a current UNB student before you are able to access the resource.


Company & Industry Information Guide

The library’s detailed Company & Industry Information Guide is a great resource for students looking to access company and industry databases.

As shown below, students can select this detailed guide from the Business & Management Guides. Take a few minutes to explore the guide and see what you think.


You can also link directly to the Company Profiles tab within the Company & Industry Information Guide. You will also notice that the guide contains several additional tabs which can be useful when researching companies.



It is important to access library-subscribed databases through the library website to ensure that you have full access to our subscribed content.

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