Learning Objectives

Leanne Wells


Welcome to Research Basics for Business Students (Module One)! 

UNB Libraries provides students with a range of high-quality resources and services that are customized to your needs. Regardless of your location, you’ll discover that UNB students have access to a comprehensive collection of quality electronic resources, databases and services from our libraries.

Learning Objectives

This module is designed to help Business students become familiar with the services and resources available to you at UNB Libraries. Upon completion of Module One, students should be able to:

  • Locate resources and services available via UNB Libraries
  • Conduct a search by book title, author, or keyword within our library catalogue (UNB WorldCat)
  • Read a UNB WorldCat record to discover a Call Number for an item and determine its location
  • Discover how to request items from other libraries via UNB Libraries’ Document Delivery service
  • Access “Course Reserves” to identify items held on reserve for class use

There are several Self-Check activities scattered throughout this module that you will be required to complete to prepare you to take the quiz for Module 1.


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