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Business news changes rapidly and news stories can come to us in many forms. In most business classes, students are asked to discuss current business topics and keep current by reading various business news and magazine sources. A great way for students to stay in the loop with what’s current is by scanning Business headlines on a daily basis.

It’s important for students to be aware that, when you’re searching our business article databases, ABI Inform Complete (ABI), Business Source Ultimate (BSU) and Canadian Business & Current Affairs (CBCA), your searches retrieve results from a variety of current sources including newspapers and magazines.

Our ABI, BSU and CBCA databases are updated on a daily basis. One example is the news content from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) which is exclusive to ABI Inform Complete (a ProQuest database).

Two excellent and highly reputable Canadian news sources that business students should be reading every day are:  Globe & Mail (Report on Business section) and the National Post (Financial Post section). Both titles are available through our PressReader – Worldwide Newspapers database.

PressReader: Worldwide Newspapers (UNB Libraries)

Our subscription to PressReader provides students with interactive online access to over 7,000 current newspapers and magazines (up to 60 days) from around the world in full-colour, full-page format.

Publications are from Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Canada, and the United States and include images, advertisements, classifieds, and notices.

Screen shot of assorted PressReader publications.
Example of assorted PressReader publications.

Access to content from PressReader is available using the following methods:

  1. The majority of PressReader’s current newspaper/magazines (except the Globe & Mail) is accessible using the library’s proxy server using this durable URL:
  2. Current day access to the Globe & Mail is only accessible using UNB’s Virtual Private Network (VPN).  Details for using the VPN (login is required) are available through UNB’s ITS website. Once VPN access is set up, your device functions exactly as if you were on campus, securely allowing direct access to all library-subscribed online resources. Please direct any questions regarding VPN access to the UNB IT Help Desk.
  3. UNB Libraries also offers archived content for the Globe & Mail through our Canadian Periodical Index Quarterly (CPIQ) database. Coverage: (1985-01-01 to present). NOTE: When accessing CPIQ, the current content for the Globe & Mail can be delayed by up to 24 hours.

Subscribed Access (UNB Libraries)

If you’re looking to keep up-to-date but aren’t sure where to begin, below are a few subscribed international sources that business students read for current information.

  • Wall Street Journal UNB Libraries provides exclusive full-text new articles (1984-current) via ABI Inform Complete.  The Wall Street Journal has extensive coverage of stock markets, finance, investments, and companies.
  • Bloomberg Businessweek Our subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek offers students full-text coverage of news, ideas and trends affecting industry and the business world (2010- current) via Business Source Ultimate.  Articles focus on business management, finance, labour, industry, marketing, science and technology with North American and international coverage.
  • Financial Times (UK) Our premium subscription via the publisher enables students to access the latest international business, finance, economic and political news, analysis, data, and RSS feed from the Financial Times UK. Students can view a scanned image of today’s Financial Times by selecting Today’s Newspaper (ePaper) from the Navigation menu on the left-hand side of the FT homepage. To ensure access to all the premium features of the FT website, faculty/students should sign up for an individual account using a valid UNB email address.

Set Up an Alert

Like to create an email alert when a new issue of your favourite journal is published? Some subscribed journals and databases offer the option of setting up an email alert or RSS feed to enable you to follow newly published articles that are relevant to your research interests.

If you’re interested in alerts, the best approach is to create your own account within the database which will enable you to modify, delete or view all of your alerts.

Here is an example of the Alert and RSS Feed buttons for the Wall Street Journal in ABI Inform Complete:


Screenshot of the RSS and Alert features for the Wall Street Journal in ABI/INFORM.
Screenshot of the RSS and Alert features for the Wall Street Journal in ABI/INFORM.

Free Canadian News Online

If you’re looking for Canadian content, below are a few free news sources that business students use to stay current:

  • BNN Bloomberg
    Free business and financial news/analysis site via Bell Media. Students can also subscribe to the BNN Bloomberg Newsletter which can be delivered to your inbox.
  • Atlantic Business Magazine Promotes the entrepreneurial achievements of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and highlights the character and determination of Atlantic Canadian business community and the success of their initiatives in the global marketplace.


Once you graduate and begin working as a professional, it’s important to continue to keep your knowledge and skills up to date. Staying on top of current news is just one method.


Canadian Newspapers (UNB Libraries)

While a number of our library-subscribed databases allow students to search for stories within particular newspapers, other news sources may require the use of a specialized resource to locate your story.

Canadian Business & Current Affairs (CBCA), for example, contains unique Canadian content that isn’t available in either Business Source Ultimate or ABI Inform Complete.

Alongside CBCA, two additional specialized Canadian Newspaper resources to keep in mind are:

  • Canadian Periodicals Index Quarterly (CPIQ) offers strong newspaper content from British Columbia and Ontario. To view a listing of newspaper titles, click View Journal Titles in Collection link.
  • Meltwater is a news service database offering UNB users access to newspapers from New Brunswick (NB). Meltwater is a new product to UNB Libraries and also offers access to other provincial news sources.

Meltwater access requires users to login with each visit to their site.  Login details are provided on the next screen and are updated randomly. Click on the below image to access the Meltwater Search Guide.

Screenshot of the Meltwater Search Guide
Screenshot of the Meltwater Search Guide.

Need Help?

Not sure how to navigate our newspaper databases? No problem!

The library’s help services are available online or via email and MS Teams. Students are always welcome to reach out to library staff and librarians for assistance. Librarians with subject expertise can provide one-on-one consultations to discuss information sources and search tools offered in your field of study.

Contact us using Ask Usthe library’s online chat service (circled below):

Screenshot of the Ask Us! library help service.

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