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The UNB Libraries’ website (lib.unb.ca) provides students and faculty with a gateway to a wealth of quality library resources and collections.

Our libraries purchase access to more than 200 research databases, as well as an ever-growing collection of online resources, including:

  • books
  • journals
  • newspapers
  • statistics
  • encyclopedias
  • streaming videos through the UNB Libraries’ platform

Online resources are available any time (24/7) to current members of our UNB academic community. Full-text access to the information that these online resources contain is unlikely to turn up in a general Google search because these publications and databases are hidden behind paywalls that Google cannot access.

Take a minute to watch this short video:


If you’re new to UNB, please take a little time to explore our library website. We think you’ll be amazed by the quality of the information you’ll be able to access. The types of materials that our libraries hold can help with your academic research papers and assignments.

On-Campus Access

If you’re on-campus and you’re using your own device, it may seem like most of the library’s online resources are freely available. While it seems like they’re free, in truth, UNB pays substantial subscription fees to provide access for our faculty and students.

When you link to a resource to which our libraries subscribe (e.g., databases/journals/eBooks/videos) from the library website, many products will automatically recognize your IP address as being on the UNB campus so access appears to be seamless.

Off-Campus Access

When you’re off-campus, you’ll discover that the library’s links to our licensed online resources are freely available to UNB students and faculty NOT the general public.

As such, you’ll need to identify yourself as a current UNB student by logging in order to use the library’s resources. Links to licensed library resources are routed through the library’s proxy server.

When attempting to access any of the library’s online resources you will be presented with UNB branded screens/login windows that look like the following:

UNB Libraries' secure services login information for accessing resources off-campus.
How to access UNB Libraries’ resources off-campus, using the proxy server.


To access UNB Libraries resources from off-campus, login using your personal UNB email & password.

HINT: It should be the same login/password you use when accessing your UNB email or myUNB Intranet.

Need IT Help?

Having trouble with your UNB login? Please contact UNB’s IT staff at the IT Service Desk by calling the IT Service Desk at: Telephone: (506) 457-2222 or Email: itservicedesk@unb.ca Students can also access the IT Service Desk webpage


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