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Leanne Wells


It’s critical that all Business students get to know the library’s services, resources and subscription-based research databases available via the UNB Libraries website.

Whether you attend class in-person or online, it’s important to learn about what UNB Libraries has to offer.

Libraries at UNB

There are a total of FIVE libraries on UNB’s Fredericton and Saint John campuses.

Below are the FOUR libraries that are available on our Fredericton campus:

  1. Harriet Irving Library (HIL)
  2. Science & Forestry Library
  3. Engineering & Computer Science Library
  4. Gerard V. La Forest Law Library

Harriet Irving Library (HIL) is the main library on the Fredericton campus and is where you will find the Business print collection. Hans W. Klohn Commons is home to the UNB Saint John campus library.

This map shows the locations of the four libraries on the UNB Fredericton campus.
Map of library locations on the UNB Fredericton campus.

We are aware that every student has their own particular style for learning and study. As such, our libraries offer various types of learning spaces to accommodate different styles of studying.

While some students prefer individual carrels (for quiet study), others are drawn to more conversational (less quiet) study areas. If you’re on-campus, take some time to familiarize yourself with our library spaces and scope out a few spaces that will work best for your research and study needs.

Want to get the lowdown on how to navigate your way around UNB’s largest library?  Take this Audio Tour of HIL

Your UNB UCard

All UNB undergraduate and graduate students registered in credit courses in the current term are eligible for a UCard. Take some time to link to UNB’s UCard webpage which explains UNB’s UCard system.

Learn a few tips for using your UCard in our libraries by watching the following video:


Group Study Rooms

Business students often meet to collaborate on group projects online and in-person. When on-campus, students can book a group study room to meet and practice their group presentations.

Each of our libraries offers students group study spaces that can be reserved online. For more information about group study room options, or to make a booking, please take a look at our Book a Study Space page.


Joy Cummings Photo UNB

Several group study rooms are equipped with Air Media Wireless Presentation Systems. The system allows students to connect to the projector system in the room using either personal or library-loaned laptops. Instructions for connecting to the Air Media system are available in each group study room and at the Service Desk in our libraries.

If you have questions about our Group Study Rooms, please feel free to contact our library staff at the HIL Commons Service Desk:

Tel: 506-453-4756 Email:

Technology @ UNB Libraries

All campus libraries have up-to-date technology tools for student use. WiFi is available in all our libraries using Eduroam (UNB’s secure WiFi for faculty, staff and students). To access Eduroam, your UNB login and password is required.

Each library has individual computer workstations with internet access and standard desktop software similar to the technology available in computer labs across the UNB campus. To access, all you need is your UNB email login and password. Harriet Irving Library also has computer labs for student use. Students use our computers to conduct research, write papers, access the internet, and print out assignments.

Don’t forget to save your work to the cloud, or on a USB drive, or email your document(s) to yourself before ending your session. Once you log out, you will not be able to access any files left on the desktop or hard drive as they are wiped clean after each session.


Cameron Fitch Photo UNB

Printing, Scanning and Copying

Printers, scanners and copiers are available in all of our libraries. Once you are logged into your myUNB Portal, you can send your print job from any library PC or from your laptop to library printers. Each of our libraries has a printer hub where you can print in black & white or colour provided that you have deposited money to your UCard Cash account.

UNB Libraries have self-service scanning stations. Scanners are free for student use. Scanned items can be saved to a USB drive OR copied to the desktop and emailed. Photocopying is available using UCard cash at each of our campus libraries.

For more information about printing, scanning and copying in each of our libraries, please take a little time to review our information on Printing, Scanning & Photocopying.


Joy Cummings Photo UNB



In order to print in our libraries, you will need to add money to your UCard Cash account.

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