International Industry and Market Research

Jeannie Bail


In addition to possessing business intelligence on a particular company, it’s critical to know about the industry it operates in, its competition and who its current or future customers are, along with key trends. The information acquired in all these areas will better inform decision making and shape your analysis whether you are trying to launch a new company based outside Canada, enter a new foreign market or evaluate an existing international entity for investment purposes.


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Module 4, Industry & Market Research, presented a few key resources that are global in scope. The chart below lists where and how you can search for coverage outside North America.

The next chapter will also introduce you to a premier source for global competitive and market intelligence: Euromonitor’s Passport.

Global Coverage for Industry and Market Research

Industry Research

BCC Research Contains global market reports for most categories.
Forrester Filter results by region or country.
Frost & Sullivan Browse industry and limit by region and country.
IBISWorld Select Global Industry Research.

Market Research

Statista Filter industry reports by region/country.
eMarketer Limit results by geography.


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