Learning Objectives

Leanne Wells


Welcome to Module Two: Advanced Research Strategies! 

This module is designed to walk students through the types of Business research resources available through UNB Libraries and the steps required to build a search strategy in order to find reliable resources for Business assignments.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this module, students should find that they have increased their understanding about using the Business resources of UNB Libraries.

Specifically, students should be able to:

  • Distinguish between various types of academic literature
  • Locate a journal in the library (in either electronic or print form)
  • Learn how to combine keywords and use database commands to build a search strategy
  • Use three of the library’s top business article databases (Business Source UltimateABI Inform Complete, and Canadian Business & Current Affairs Complete)
  • Discover how to read scholarly articles more efficiently
  • Use Google Scholar to retrieve full-text articles from UNB Libraries
  • Review the basics for citing sources
  • Evaluate your information sources
  • Incorporate your research into an assignment and cite your sources

There are are several activities that you are required to read and complete in order to take the Quiz for Module 2 (located in D2L).


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