UNB WorldCat: Our Library Catalogue

Leanne Wells


UNB WorldCat is our library catalogue and a powerful search tool that helps students to find relevant academic results.

The catalogue contains millions of records covering multiple sources:

  • books
  • eBooks
  • journals
  • magazines
  • newspaper articles
  • videos
  • microforms
  • government documents
  • maps
  • technical reports
  • dissertations
  • PLUS some content from selected article databases.

It’s important to keep in mind that there is no single search box that will connect you to everything the library has to offer. However, a search in UNB WorldCat will pull together results from a number of sources and displays them in a single relevance-ranked list that is similar to a Google search.

To access UNB WorldCat, go to the UNB Libraries’ website. You’ll notice that the library homepage automatically defaults to the Catalogue circled  below.


Screen shot of the Catalogue search box, with search options circled.
Search options for the UNB Libraries’ catalogue, UNB WorldCat.

There are different ways to search UNB WorldCat. Using the drop-down menu, you can search for items by keyword, title, author, call number, journal title, subject. You can also select Advanced Search, which will enable you to combine items from several parts of the catalogue records.

To expand your search beyond UNB, you can check the “Libraries Worldwide” box on your search results page.

Example of the "Libraries Worldwide" search feature in UNB WorldCat.
Example of the “Libraries Worldwide” search feature in UNB WorldCat. Use to see what is held by libraries beyond UNB.

UNB WorldCat Video

Please take a few minutes to watch the following video created by UNB Libraries. It offers you an excellent introduction to using UNB WorldCat:



Need Help Locating an Item?

No problem! UNB WorldCat will tell you the format (print or electronic) and which library holds the item.

If a print book is located in the Harriet Irving Library, UNB WorldCat notes the location as HIL-STACKS (HIL=Harriet Irving Library).

If the book is in the Science & Forestry Library, it would note the location as SCI-STACKS (SCI = Science & Forestry Library). If the item is in the Engineering & Computer Science Library, UNB WorldCat would note ENG-STACKS. What about the Law Library? LAW-STACKS! How about the Hans W Klohn Commons at UNBSJ? Tricky…but it’s HWK!

Can you see how important it is to take note of the location AND the Call Number when searching for a print book? With five libraries at UNB, it’s essential!

Once you’ve discovered which library holds the item, consult the Floor Plans link (circled below) on our library website.


Screen shot for Catalogue Locations and Floors Plans (circled).
Where to locate Library Floor Plans and information on catalogue locations.

Quick Tip

Want to learn more about library locations? Click the link to our Catalogue Locations Guide (circled above). Remember that you can also contact “Ask Us” for assistance.



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