Learning Objectives

Leanne Wells


Welcome to Module Three – Company Research! 

During your time in the BBA program at UNB, you will discover that business students are required to identify and gather company information to complete assignments and create reports. The types of company information which you need will vary but often include company basics such as detailed financial information, ratios, competitor information, SWOT analyses, as well as industry trends and forecasts.

This module is designed to introduce you to the basics of searching for reliable company information. It also offers video demonstrations of several library-subscribed databases which will help you locate reliable sources for company projects and assignments.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of Module 3 – Company Research, you will have increased your understanding of using the company resources available through UNB Libraries. Specifically, you should be able to:

  • Learn the basic strategies to assist you with searching for company information;
  • Understand there may be limitations to the amount of information available on a company due to the type of company being researched;
  • Select appropriate library-subscribed databases for company information;
  • Identify company profiles using our Mergent Intellect and D&B Hoovers databases;
  • Navigate to more detailed company financial data using the databases FP Advisor, Mergent Online or PitchBook;
  • Locate published articles about companies using three of the library’s top business article databases: Business Source Ultimate, ABI Inform Complete, and Canadian Business & Current Affairs Complete;
  • Discover what a SWOT analysis is and how to locate one using library-subscribed databases.

There are several activities that you are required to read and complete in order to move to the Quiz for Module 3.


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