Finding Course Reserves

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Course instructors often ask students to read materials they have put on reserve at the library. As these materials contain information that is highly relevant to your lecture topics, they are in high demand and heavily used by your classmates during the term.

Our libraries have developed a Course Reserves system that provides fair access to these course materials for all students. Your instructors work with library staff to place digital and/or print copies on reserve to enable fair access for all members of the class.

How Do I Find Course Reserves?

To find materials that are “on reserve” for your class, go to our library homepage and select Reserves as shown below:


Screenshot of where to locate Course Reserves via the UNB Libraries website.
Course Reserves information is available via the library website.

Type in your course number, instructor, or course name to link to the items on reserve for your class. If the item is available electronically, you should be able to link to it for direct access.

Can I See Reserves for All My Classes?

Yes! Students can access the reserve items for each of your classes, simply Login to My UNB Reserves link (shown above). Logging in will enable you to view the reserves for your classes.

Course Reserves in D2L Brightspace

Course Reserves are accessible within each of your D2L courses. Your instructor must enable access. Look for the UNB Libraries Resources menu located at the bottom of each of your D2L course pages as shown below:
Screenshot of the Course Reserves information available via D2L.
Example of the Course Reserves feature in D2L.

Like to Learn More about Course Reserves?

Please watch this quick video created by UNB Libraries:


PDF transcript

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