Elements of the Textbook

This textbook contains several highlighted sections aimed at providing readers with information that will (ideally) enrich their experience with the content.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives are outlined at the start of each new section (with several sections per chapter). These boxes will highlight the core knowledge, skills, and understanding that is expected from engaging with the content that follows. Use these objectives to help you focus on the most important concepts from each section.


Our ‘Dig Deeper’ sections aim to provide a nuanced and focused exploration of a topic. These sections aim to provide readers with additional context, understanding, and insights, relevant to the broader concepts from a particular section.

Everyday Connections | What do you think?

These sections aim to relate aspects of the content to real-world situations, experiences, and examples (‘Everyday Connections’), or push you to consider ethical, complex, and nuanced topics related to the content (‘What do you think?’).

Link to Learning

Our ‘Link to Learning’ sections provide readers with links to external resources and websites that provide additional information about some topics.



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