18 Acknowledgements & Attributions

Approaches to Research Design

In May 2022, Drs Erin MazerolleErin Austen, and Jesse Husk (StFX University; with funding from Atlantic OER) organized an ‘OER Sprint Hackathon’ event in which students from across the Atlantic provinces reviewed portions of this textbook with Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Accessibility in mind. Students provided comments, suggestions, concerns, and recommendations about ways to improve content. We’d like to specifically acknowledge the following students who contributed to the revisions of the Approaches to Research Design section:

  • Sophie Landry
  • Mila Veljanovska

Analyzing Findings

Imogen Williams wrote significant portions of the Analyzing Findings section, with a particular focus on operational definitions and the complex and ethical considerations of sex and gender research.

Max Dysart helped to edit, revise, and write portions of this section, including weaving the Bobo doll example through the section.


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