58 Acknowledgements & Attributions

Introduction to Memory

Rebecca St. James wrote the chapter opener, highlighting contributions of Brenda Milner and patient HM on our understanding of the medial temporal lobe’s role in memory. Rebecca also drew the mirror-drawing task illustration featured at the top of the section.

Spatial Memory

Dr. Jennifer Stamp created and wrote this full section, including creating a new Tricky Topic video. This section highlights our understanding and use of spatial memory across history and cultures, and incorporates a hand-drawn map by Shanawdithit, depicting the kidnapping of her aunt, Demasduwit.

Forgetting and Memory Errors

Evan Matthews helped to reorganize and condense this section, with the aim of improving overall clarity and flow.

Memory and the Brain

Jessica Telizyn helped to re-write this section by adding content focusing on human and non-human animal research. This section outlines the role of the hippocampus and amygdala in memory.



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