86 Acknowledgements & Attributions

Lifespan Theories

Imogen Williams helped to re-write this section, updating the content on Moral Theories of Development; de-emphasizing Kohler’s work and adding new content on measuring moral behaviour.

Stages of Development

Imogen Williams wrote, and Max Dysart helped to edit, a new section on reproductive development and sex assignment, intersex conditions, prenatal influences, and research on play in AMAB and AFAB children. Imogen also wrote a new Dig Deeper on Understanding Gender.

Jocelyn Paul wrote (Max Dysart edit) a new Dig Deeper, entitled ‘Developmental Trajectories: The Impact of the Indian Residential School System’ explaining the impacts of residential schools on attachment, biopsychosocial development, and culture and the concept of intergenerational trauma.

In May 2022, Drs Erin MazerolleErin Austen, and Jesse Husk (StFX University; with funding from Atlantic OER) organized an ‘OER Sprint Hackathon’ event in which students from across the Atlantic provinces reviewed portions of this textbook with Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Accessibility in mind. Students provided comments, suggestions, concerns, and recommendations about ways to improve content. We’d like to specifically acknowledge the following students who contributed feedback for the Stages of Development section:

  • Brooke Tracy
  • Jack Weatherbey
  • Sarah MacIsaac
  • Sophie Landry
  • Tessa Cosman


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