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In May 2022, Drs Erin Mazerolle, Erin Austen, and Jesse Husk (StFX University; with funding from Atlantic OER) organized an ‘OER Sprint Hackathon’ event in which students from across the Atlantic provinces reviewed portions of this textbook with Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Accessibility in mind. Students provided comments, suggestions, concerns, and recommendations about ways to improve content. One section that received a great deal of attention was the formerly titled, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, section. Based on student feedback, this section was renamed Neurodiversity, and¬†rewritten by Max Dysart. We’d like to specifically acknowledge the following students who contributed to the revisions of the Neurodiversity section:

  • Angie Birt
  • Brooke Tracy
  • Chi Nguyen
  • George Fazaa
  • Laura Coon


Max Dysart rewrote this section with a focus on health care workers, intersectionality, and meaningful experiences (rather than simply statistics).

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Justin Field organized a completely new section on neurodegenerative diseases and wrote a new introductory paragraph to the section and a sub-section on Alzheimer’s Disease.


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