5.2 Bibliographic Citations

The in-text citations in your assignment generally must contain a corresponding entry in your reference list, works cited list or bibliography. They are organized alphabetically. The information to include and how to format it depends on the type of source and the style you are using. The next page provides links to detailed guides with information on how to format the bibliographic citations for different types of sources.

The examples below show the corresponding bibliographic citations for the three example in-text citations in 5.1 formatted in the three different citation styles. The first entry is for a book, the second for an online article and the third for a book chapter.

1. APA Style: In-text citations (author and date) and corresponding References entry


2. MLA Style: In-text citations (author and page) and corresponding Works Cited entry

3. Chicago Style: Footnotes (superscript number with full citation information in the footnote) and corresponding Bibliography entry

Source: (Li, 2010, p. 11)


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