7.5 Jennifer Keeping Centre

At Cape Breton University, we believe that each and every student should receive the same high-quality education. If you’re a student with a disability, you’ll find all the services you need to get the most out of your classes at the Jennifer Keeping Centre.

At the Jennifer Keeping Centre, you’ll find a variety of accommodations based on your disability.

To receive accommodations from the Jennifer Keeping Centre, students must register each semester. Please make an appointment by calling 902-563-1208 or emailing jkc@cbu.ca.

Am I eligible?

If you have a medically documented disability, you could be eligible for services related to your disability. Eligible disabilities include:

  • learning disabilities
  • visual disabilities
  • hearing disabilities
  • speech disabilities
  • neurological disabilities
  • mobility disabilities
  • mental health conditions
  • chronic illnesses

Please note: you must provide documentation from a qualified health practitioner to receive these services. Please see the Student Responsibilities page for more information.


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