How to Get a Library Card

Your StFX ID is your library card, which you can obtain either in-person or online. Please note that Library accounts for students expire every September 30th and need to be updated at the start of each academic year to ensure continued access to all library services.

Example of a StFX ID Card
Example StFX ID card with the location of the Novanet Number Highlighted

Get a StFX ID card In-Person

Visit the StFX Safety & Security Services office in person.

Get a StFX ID card for Distance Students

Students not able to obtain an ID card in person can e-mail StFX Safety & Security Services at Please include the following in your email:

  • A high quality picture to be used on your ID card
  • A scan of your government issued photo ID
  • Your StFX Student ID number
  • Your current mailing address
  • A request to have them email you your Novanet number (barcode) right away

Activate your Library Card

Once you have your StFX ID card or Novanet barcode, fill out and submit the appropriate online registration form  to activate your account:

Undergraduate Students (On Campus)

Undergraduate Students (Distance)

Graduate Students


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