Document Delivery

Also known as Interlibrary Loans, Document Delivery supports the instructional and research needs of the StFX community by borrowing materials which are unavailable at StFX libraries either in print or online.

Document Delivery for Physical Items

For On-Campus Borrowers

While viewing an item’s record in Novanet, click on the link located below the Document Delivery & More heading.


Screenshot of the Document Delivery link in NovanetClick on the Go button located to the right of Request item via Document Delivery.


Screenshot of the Document Delivery link in the Link Resolver

From there, you will need to have your StFX ID barcode and Novanet password to log-in to our Document Delivery Service (the default password is the last 4-digits of the home phone number you provided in your Library registration).

Screenshot of the Document Delivery Login page with image of student id card highlighting Novanet number and highlighting the last 4 digits of your home phone number as your password

For Distance Students Living Outside of Nova Scotia

Your local library (whether a university, college, hospital or public library) should be your first resource for locating physical research material. Most local libraries will lend books and allow you to photocopy materials. They may require you to have a CAAL (formerly CAUL) card to borrow books.

A CAAL Card grants you in-person borrowing privileges at most universities in Canada (outside of Nova Scotia) and must be requested from your home library (StFX). If you did not sign up for a CAAL card when you registered or updated your library account online, please contact us at to obtain one.  A CAAL card will only be granted to patrons with accounts in good standing.

To borrow material in-person from any Novanet library, you may present your StFX ID card (CAAL card not required) at their Circulation desk.



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