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Citing the entire book

This source should be cited as an electronic book. 

Authors: Letitia Meynell and Clarisse Paron

Book Title: Applied Ethics Primer

Date published: 2023

Publisher: Atlantic Canada Pressbooks Network



For example, according to APA 7th edition, your end citation will look like this:

Meynell, L. & Paron, C. (2023). Applied Ethics Primer. Atlantic Canada Pressbooks Network.

Citing a chapter of the book

The formatting of the citation will depend on the style you are using; however, you just need to include the title of the chapter in the citation with the above information.

For example, according to MLA 9th edition, your end citation might look like this:

Meynell, Letitia, and Clarisse Paron. “Focus on Consequences.” Applied Ethics Primer. E-Book, Atlantic Canada Pressbooks Network, 2023.

Print Version

A print version of this book is available from Broadview Press.

Note: The print version will have different citation information.

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