We gratefully acknowledge support from Dalhousie University Libraries and Centre for Learning and Teaching through the Open Educational Resources (OER) Grant and Geoff Brown’s invaluable guidance in the production of the online version of this resource. The primer itself has been greatly improved by feedback from countless colleagues, including Jackie Alvarez, Melany Banks, Oliver Boettcher, Andrew Fenton, Landon Gaetz, Leaf Kretz, Lynette Reid, Meredith Schwartz, Andrea Sullivan-Clarke, Kira Tomsons, Sandra Tomsons, Charissa Varma, as well as Dalhousie students in Philosophy 1050/2680 Ethics in Science and audiences at the Canadian Philosophical Association, the Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics, and the Dalhousie Philosophy Colloquium. We especially thank Bob Martin, Tara Lowes, and Joe Davies for their close and thoughtful reading as well as Stephen Latta for his enthusiasm for the project and patience with us.

Finally, we also acknowledge that this work was produced in an institution that rests on unceded Mi’kmaq territory. We recognize the legal status of the Treaties of Peace and Friendship, first signed by the Mi’kmaq, Wəlastəkwiyik, Peskotomuhkati, and the British Crown in 1726, even as we struggle to understand what this means for us all.


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