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Prefer to watch and learn? Check out this video tutorial. NOTE: The assigned activity does not completely match this video tutorial.

Complete the following Practice Activity and submit your completed project.

For Word Practice 3, we will use Word to create a newsletter for Health Sciences students at PVCC. Key skills in this practice are formatting text as columns, editing pictures, inserting screen clips, symbols and special characters.

  1. Start Word and open Starter_Word_Practice3.
    • Save the file as FirstnameL_Word3 (example AynslieC_Word3) in your Word folder.
  2. Using Document Info, insert the file name in the footer.
  3. Select the first paragraph that begins with Paradise Valley
    • apply Bold text
    • change the font color to Blue-Grey, Text 2
    • (If you cannot find this exact color, chose a blue under the theme color. then for each time in this practice this color appears again, choose the same blue you chose).
  4. With the title still selected, go to the Home Tab, Paragraph Group, select the arrow next to Borders and choose Borders and Shading to launch the Dialog Box.
    • Add a Blue-Gray, Text 2, Darker 25%, 
    • 2¼ pt solid line
    • bottom border.
  5. Select all the text beginning with Health Sciences Newsletter down to the end of the document excluding the final paragraph.
    • On the Layout Tab, Page Setup Group, Set the columns to two.
    • Compare your screen to the image below:

  1. With the two columns of text still selected, expand the paragraph setting of the Paragraph group,
    • change the spacing after to 6 pt
    • change the alignment to justified.
  2. Position the insertion before December Birthdays
    • On the Layout Tab, Page Setup Group, Set the Breaks to column.
    • This will ensure the column of December Birthdays is a new column.
  3. Position the insertion point at the end of the document in the empty space after the paragraph that begins with When you are finished…
  4. On the Insert tab, Illustrations Group, Select Pictures.
    • Browse to where your downloaded files from Brightspace are stored
    • insert the Health Sciences Logo named WordPractice3_Image_1.
  5. With the picture selected, on the Picture Format, Arrange Group, Wrap text Arrow, select More Layout Options set:
    • The picture height to 1.8″.
    • The text wrapping layout to Top and Bottom.
    • The horizontal alignment to Centered, relative to Column.  
    • The vertical alignment to Bottom, relative to Margin.
    • Select OK.
  1. With the picture selected, on the Picture Format tab, in the Size group, choose the arrow under Crop.
    •  Using the Cropping handles on the picture, crop the picture by using the far right crop handle and dragging to the left until only the circle heart logo is visible.
    • Everything in the gray area will be cropped. The cropped image should look something like this:


  1. With the image still selected, in the Arrange Group, Wrap text Arrow, select More Layout Options
    • Use the Text Wrapping tab to change the layout text wrapping to Square.
    • Use the Size tab and uncheck the Lock aspect ratio box. 
    • Use the Position tab to set the horizontal alignment to Centered, relative to Page.
      • Under options, choose Lock Anchor.
    • Click OK, to exit the dialog box.
  2. With the image still selected, zoom to 200%.
  3. On the Picture Format Tab, Adjust Group, choose the arrow next to Corrections.
    • Under Sharpen/Soften, choose Sharpen 50%.
    • Under Color, choose Saturation 400% for the Color Saturation.
    • Under Corrections, set the Brightness/Contrast to Brightness: +20% Contrast +20%.
  4. With the picture still selected, set the Zoom back to 100%.
  5. With the picture still selected, on the Picture Format toolbar, in the Arrange Group, choose the arrow next to Rotate.
    • Then choose Flip Horizontal.
  6. Near the top of the document in the left column, delete the word December.
  7. Position the insertion point in the blank paragraph under Health Sciences Newsletter.
  8. Open a new web browser window and navigate to
  9. Redisplay the newsletter, and ensure the insertion point is in the paragraph below Health Sciences Newsletter.  
  10. On the Insert tab, click Screenshot, and then click Screen Clipping.
    • Start at the top of the NBCC logo and Drag from the upper left corner of the browser to the lower right corner above the first full paragraph.
    • Your screen clip may vary based on the resolution and web browser utilized.
    • Compare your screen to the image below

  1. With the Screen Clip selected, resize height to .6” and the width to 3.1″.
    • You may need to uncheck “lock aspect Ratio” to do so.
    • Adjust settings as needed to accomplish this task.
  2.  With the picture still selected on the Picture Format tab, choose Picture Styles and select the first Style: Simple Frame White.
Note: After inserting the screen clip, you may need to readjust the position and the size of the logo at the bottom of the document. Since the Text Wrapping is set to Square, you can manually adjust it by selecting and dragging it. The newsletter should only be one page.
  1. Near the top of the document, select the text Winter Scholarship Fundraiser and
    • Change the font color to Blue Gray Text 2.
    • Apply Bold
  1. With the text still selected, launch the Font dialogue box (Home Tab).
    • Under effects, choose the checkbox next to small caps. 
  2. Using Format Painter, apply the same formatting to each of the heading paragraphs.
    • To use the Format Painter, select the text.
    • Then select (double click) the Format Painter icon on the Home Tab, Clipboard Group.
    • Then, select the text that you would like to apply formatting to.
    • Click the Format Painter again to unselect
  3. In the paragraph under the heading Winter Scholarship Fundraiser, delete the comma and space between Sylvia Haines and her title and insert an em dash.
    1. This is a special character located on the Insert Tab, Symbols Group, Symbol, More Symbols, Special Characters, Em Dash.
  4. Select the title of the document that begins with Paradise and ends with 85032. 
    • Apply a Blue Gray Text 2,  1½ pt shadow border
    • Apply a Blue Gray Text 2 Lighter 60% shading fill
    • Center the text
  1. Position the insertion point in the second column, towards the bottom of the document under Main Campus.
  2. On the Insert Tab, Text Group, Select the arrow next to Word Art.
    • In the second row, the second column, choose the Word Art Style Gradient Fill-Blue, Accent color 5; Reflection.
  3. With the Word Art still selected.
    • Ensure the font size of the WordArt is 28.
    • In the WordArt type: We appreciate you!
  4. On the Design Tab, Choose Page Borders.  
    • In the Page Borders Dialog Box, choose
    • the Box Border,
    • the style with a thick upper line and thin bottom line,
    • Automatic color,
    • 3pt width,
    • to the whole document.
  5. In Backstage view,
    • add newsletter and March to Tags,
    • course name and course code to Subject,
    • make sure your name displays as Author.
  6. Save the document and compare it to the image below. Make any adjustments before submitting to the appropriate assignment box on Brightspace.


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