4 Corporate Public Relations

Public relations is a complex field made up of many disciplines (or subfunctions). However, we can identify four major types or locales within  the profession:

Corporate public relations is located “in house” of an organization. Many organizations have an in-house public relations/communications department responsible for fostering relationships between an organization and its internal and external publics. In government, these departments are often called public affairs.

Corporate public relations department vary in size. The number of people working in the department   depends on the size of the company and the value that the management sees in public relations. Companies that are dedicated to build strong brand awareness may have far more employees than those organizations that sell their products directly to businesses. For example, a fashion company usually place a greater attention to the public relations functions than a construction firm.

A head of a public relations/communications department is often called a chief communications officer (CCO), manager or director. The head of this department might serve as a vice president in a large company.

Figure 1.3 Corporate Public Relations vs.Public Relations Agency



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