Table of Contents

Introduction/Statement of Scope (Victoria)3

What are Open Educational Resources?3

Why use OER3

The 5 Rs of Openness4

What is AtlanticOER?4

Creating Open Educational Resources with AtlanticOER (Amanda) 5

Discovering existing OERs to be adopted/adapted (in AtlanticOER or other repositories)5

Adopting, adapting, and migrating OERs6

Evaluating Quality of OERs10

Using Pressbooks through AtlanticOER (Victoria)10

Theme Options12

How to import a file12

How to clone a book13

Making Your OER Interactive with H5P14

Copyright and Licensing (Kim)15

Canadian Copyright Act15

Creative Commons licenses15

Adapting an OER with a Creative Commons license17

Attribution Statements18

Accessibility Considerations (Kim)20

Accessibility Statements20

Accessibility Checklist22

Evaluating the Impact of Using an OER(Kim)24

Calculating Impact24

The COUP Framework – Open Education Group24

OER Adoption Impact Calculator – Lumen Learning26

*NEW* Generating pdf and epub versions of the ebooks – best practices27

Introduction/Statement of Scope

The Faculty OER Toolkit is an introductory guide for faculty interested in incorporating Open Educational Resources (OER) into their teaching practice. Beginning with a definition of OER, reasons to use OER, and online collections of OER to use, the Toolkit also covers basic information about adapting, adopting, and evaluating OER. Additionally, there is information about licensing and copyright, including an explanation of Creative Commons licenses and attribution statements. Throughout the Toolkit, links provide to more in-depth resources on topics including adopting and adopting open textbooks, and ensuring OER are truly accessible for all users.


Thank you to Lauri Aesoph at BCcampus for authoring the B.C. Open Textbook Adaptation Guide and the B.C. Open Textbook Adoption Guide, both of which have been invaluable tools while compiling this resource.


OER Toolkit Copyright © by Jason Loxton, Kim Mears, Victoria Volkanova, and Amanda Tiller-Hackett. All Rights Reserved.

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