How to Use and Adapt This OER

Purpose of this Resource

This resource guide is designed to help course developers plan the design of their online course from a student-centred perspective. It is a development guide, meaning that it will help you lay the foundation you need to find success with designing a course for an online context. It is meant to be used at the planning stage of the process, before you formally start your design. After working through the resource, you should have the foundational outline and plan you need to start developing a course in your learning management system.

Audience of this Resource

Its primary audience is faculty members who are designing and delivering their courses online. In addition, this resource is also available to online learning support staff who may use it to support their own institutional processes, including teaching and learning centre staff, instructional designers, graphic designers, and other professionals that support the development of online learning.

Using this Resource for Course Development

This resource is meant to be flexible for different uses. It can be used independently by a faculty member working on their own classes, or it can be adopted whole or in part to support institutional course development. It also is intended to be used by members of the Mount Saint Vincent University community as they develop online courses for our Teaching and Learning Centre.

Adapting this Resource for Your Institution

The materials and supports provided in this resource may be useful to institutions that are thinking through the ways in which they support online teaching and learning. If your institution would like to adapt these materials for your own needs, tell us! We would love to talk with you about your context. We are all on a learning journey, and we are always interested in improving the resource to make it as useful as possible to our users. Please contact us at if you would like to meet to discuss adopting this resource for your context.


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