7 Applying UDL to your course

Our goal is to optimize your course plan, not to ask you to re-think it. We offer the UDL guidelines as a way to expand upon the work you already were doing with your learner profiles. We don’t expect your course to apply every guideline to every section of your course. Instead, we want to encourage you to make a few more small changes that are informed by UDL.


Before you complete the course development process, we want to push you just a little further to consider options that might increase your students’ success by expanding the way they are presented with course material, engage with course material and their peers, receive feedback, and complete assessments in your course.


Using UDL does not mean re-thinking your course from the ground up, or including practices or media that do not suit your learning context.


Here are some strategies for how to apply a UDL mindset to your course:


Click to download a PDF Version: Strategies for Applying UDL



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