10 Skills & Attributes

All courses work toward building central skills and attributes like critical thinking, open-mindedness, and communication skills. When courses are developed with these skills and attributes in mind, then we build stronger graduates who have the qualities that they will need to succeed in their professional and personal lives. Well-developed courses can enable learners to build the skills and attributes they need to engage in lifelong learning.

At this stage, we want to identify what else students will gain from taking your course, not just the content they will learn. The particular disciplinary content of your course is best considered after you reflect upon the larger skills and attributes you want to nurture in your learners.


Download the Skills & Attributes Checklist and take a few moments to check off the skills and attributes you plan to foster in your course. Consider the attributes your students will most regularly practice building and engaging with.

For more information on each of the skills and attributes, read the Association of American Colleges and Universities’ Value Rubrics. These rubrics identify the main values of university education and the criteria for assessing them. We believe that these rubrics can serve as an excellent starting point to help evaluate and discuss student learning. We believe that the core values in this document can be translated into your particular course and its particular discipline.



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