40 Time Allocation

On average, a student should spend approximately 120 hours on material for your course. That includes all of the time they spend both in the classroom and preparing for your class. If you calculate this based on a standard half-credit course, this works out to approximately 10 hours per week. Since students are juggling as many as five courses per term, this works out to a heavy load of 50 hours of work a week!  

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To ensure an equitable workload, estimate approximately how long it will take your students to complete each of the major components of the class. For all writing, make sure you budget for research, writing and editing time. For tests and examinations, make sure you budget time to study!

Sample Time Allocation

Here is an example of a course time allocation to get you started.

Task Approximate Time Committment Total Time Committment
Group project meetings 4 meetings – 1 hour 4 hours
Group project scheduling 1 hour 1 hour
Self/Peer Evaluation of group project 30 min 0.5 hour
Weekly readings 3 hours/week 36 hours
Collaborate Sessions 2 hours/week 24 hours
Discussion Forums 6 posts throughout the term – 1 hour 6 hours
Read book for review 8 hours 8 hours
Book Review (2 pages) 10 hours 10 hours
Research Paper (8 pages) 20 hours 20 hours
Preparation for final exam 6 hours 6 hours
Final exam 3 hours 3 hours
Total Hours 118.5 hours


Download the Time Allocation Template and use it to generalize about your workload. If you would like to perform a more in-depth calculation, we recommend using this Workload Calculator resource.



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