This book was brought into being by the dedicated staff of the Teaching and Learning Centre at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Every member of the team has played a hand in supporting its production.

I’d like to formally thank the following staff for their contributions to this work:

  • Erin Chapman, our design lead on this project. Erin created all of the templates for this resource, improved its design, and established its look and feel. She made the resource beautiful and engaging.
  • Laurie Reed, our internal reviewer and co-editor. Laurie provided a thorough review of this resource as well as contributed to the initial editing.
  • Michael McGuire, co-editor. Mike was instrumental in reviewing the resource and creating the expanded Culturally Responsive Pedagogy section.
  • Aaron Matte, co-editor. Aaron provided extensive initial editing to the manuscript.
  • Ujjwal Sethi, our layout editor who transferred this project into Pressbooks, provided testing, and review at all stages.
  • Dr. Donovan Plumb and Dr. Kathy Darvesh, the two subsequent Directors of our Teaching and Learning Centre who supported this project from its beginning in 2018 to its completion in 2021.

Special thanks to Lindsey MacCallum at the Mount Library for cheerleading and supporting the development of this work. Thank you to the Atlantic OER project for giving us the space and support we needed to produce this work.

Finally, we would like to thank the MSVU faculty community that inspired this resource into being. The dedication and commitment that faculty at the Mount bring to the course development process is inspiring. You make it a joy to work in this field and to come to work every day.


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