Amu of Unama’ki

Being able to identify bumble bees is very important if we want to collect data on bumble bee populations. To determine if a species of bee is thriving or threatened, bee researchers and naturalists go out into the field and count the number of bees they see as well as what species of bee are present in an area. This is incredibly important for conservation purposes as we can look back over the years and determine if bumble bee populations are increasing or decreasing in a particular area based on the population data we collect.

Did you know that the Mi’kmaw word for bumble bee is amu? These small but mighty insects play an important role in Mi’kmaw culture as they pollinate traditional L’nu medicines and foods.

In this section, we will learn about what bumble bees you might find in Cape Breton as well as what flowers you may find them foraging on. Keep reading to learn all about the bees and the flowers of Unama’ki!


Source: Jeannie Fraser (2020), view site.


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